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New CPU Cooler. Noctua... blah blah

the new cooola

    I meant to document the process but then my son caught Covid. All is well now. Thankfully.

    I opt'd for a Noctua NH-U9S chromax.Black, 92mm Single-Tower CPU Cooler. It lowered idle temps by more than 10 degrees alone!

  • -A. Buford
  • May, 2022

Blackbird.... my son renamed 'our' PC

    Most of the parts are in and I have begun assembly. Now to decide on a processor and m.2 storage. I'm still waiting on @Amazon to send me the memory modules that were supposed to be included in last delivery *smh*. No rush though. In the meanwhile, and probably perminately, i'll be using units from alt build. I do enjoy the fact I am able to purchase from home via Amazon vs store lines. Whenever it comes to a computer related purchase, with multiple items, something...bad...ALWAYS happens though.

    Amazon delivered the memory. Now the build can sit there and look pretty.

  • -A. Buford
  • Mar 13th, 2022


    As my son is growing older he definitely needs me to stop using 'his' PC to edit YouTube videos and play Battlefield 4. It's time to make something dedicated to video editing and streaming. Something with the ability to 'roll forward' as needed and resale when desired. The laptop(s) aren't cutting it and i'm not a fan of Apple...but things change. For storage we may opt for a QNAP hardware raid solution. Plan is to only purchase items with YouTube and alt promotional revenue streams. Everything you see so far is the beginning of work paying for itself.

  • -A. Buford
  • Mar 12th, 2022