pg.10 SANS SEC504 | GIAC GCIH PT.2 What applications for Web Apps Ethical testing?! SANS SEC504 | GIAC GCIH My server is too loud. Public minecraft server DJI Mini 2 SE gimbal mount upgrade I'm going to switch back to Ubuntu as a daily driver Back with a new page The pursuit Hide my plaques inside the closet, I just can't explain it. What is my trick to staying certified?! I'm GIAC GSOC certified now! pg.9 Web design and hosting services come to an end. Time to level up(?!) - GSOC study weekend Restreamer testing New banner!s SANS | SEC450 Home Assistant, when person detected A pattern of Chicago robbery crime pt.II Pop-up notifications when users authenticate with Active Directory (AD) A pattern of Chicago robbery crime Family Friend VPN EXIF-Ooops. I'm sorry. Thank you Pi-Hole Home Assistant Object dectection automation update Nessus {Essentials} Vulnerability Scanning Evil doesn't sleep. Knock.Knock. A new page & SOQL+Apex+SFDC>CySA+ pg.8 QEMU/KVM web ui : Cockpit pt2: Network configuration How do you update so fast?! : A YouTube subscriber question. QEMU/KVM web ui : Cockpit Hak4Kids badge @Blue Team Con 20222 finished Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240 CPU Cooler disassembly for replacement Top 500 players Moving projects to VMs and containers: Reinstalling base system on 'Shadowmoon' server. Mobsf vs Albert Heijn supermarkt 8.23.3 (arm64-v8a) Blue Team Conference 2022 Moving projects to VMs and containers: Metasploitable Moving projects to VMs and containers: DOODS CompTia CySA+ [pt2] CompTia CySA+ "I have wanted to go since grade school" | BHUSA2022 "We need to watch ads to play together" Winner for the most used command Samsung Galaxy A53 Case 3d Printed Mobile Security Framework (MobSF)[cont] See you at Blackhat : The Conference Associates program Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) A new page pg.7 Thank you all! Which VPN service provider should I use?! Throwback to the track A little IRC server called 'miniircd' on a Raspberry Pi v2. iftop | apt-get install iftop -y A dog or a Person, 82% Object detection and classification working! Blackhat 2022 The wire mess VPN server down for maint The 2-Hour Job Search: Started. Homelab: Teaching my oldest son, 9, to solder. A stroll down electronic soldering Streaming /dev/video over lan w/ VLC The tree in the back of the lab USB Microscope with FREE Malware Embedded video testing | Plex Media Server build pg.6 Embedded video testing | Plex Media Server build Can I help you?[PII is PII. SPII is also PII,] 20 out of 201 videos copied! Pi-hole updated to v5.10 and still working YouTube pays the bills, sometimes. I don't do it for the $ Hi Tux. Lets 3d print What do I like about cybersecurity? 2g DSM Arduino transmission controller Octoprint home X Y Z Axis on Creality Ender 3 Pro w BL Touch leveling #Homelab #labhours #octoprint 4in inlet adapter @70% infill 3d Printed organization | SD / USB That EOS Utility! Imposter Bluez Streaming Baofeng police audio over the LAN Err.. Correction : National Cyber League Spring 2022 Capture the Flag competition Notes: open browser via CLI on remote linbox. Ubiquiti UniFi Lock client device to access point 4in inlet adapter : Designed & 3d Printed Diamond Badge : Spring 2022 Team CTF : Top 89th percentile Homelab update : Home Assistant Motion sensor hardwire! A Homelab update in May 2022 To my family NCL CTF Team Results are in! Notes: "How to boot a UEFI image from a KVM virtual machine without `virt-manager`?" New page time. pg.5 Live to learn what you want. [Archive Repost] Block run : I miss that car Notes: Drive partition and ext4 filesystem creation Why are you sleeping? TFW you give a corp a security audit NCL Spring semester.... is done Team Competition Attitude 304th place out of 3,453 : NCL Spring 2022 | Individual CTF The task force cont. Monitor a webpage for changes in PYthon The task force?? Waking up to answers like I never went to sleep.. Are you a hacker? A crackstation because i'm tired buf0rd.ens Skywalker Because Python matters: Lists Because Python matters This IP is too dirty" New video uploaded | "Ubiquiti Unifi Block device from Internet with USG Firewall" New video uploaded | "PLEX Media Server Complete Install to Setup! Ubuntu" Server progress to one page Woke up to IOMMU and SVM disabled. My server 'farm' My FIRST challenge coin H.A.C.S and a home made CC2531 Notes: Linux add samba user w/ password "Android users can now disable 2G to block Stingray attacks" UPDATED! | National Cyber League Final results | Fall 2021 Personal plan for 2022. Dive deeper into cyber security Streaming 4K movie via SMB/Samba on PLEX National Cyber League Final results | Fall 2021 No new sites, no new sites, no new sites, no, no nay Notes: ASUSwrt-Merlin network-wide VPN New Video: Update Plex Media Server on Linux with SSH FAST! Citibank Phishing over at Operation Bottleneck TY for the Host(lists) "GoDaddy Announces Security Incident Affecting Managed WordPress Service" Cheers! To a new page! & NCL Update pg.4 They were POSTing all along. Rookie mistake. What's your problem, do you like even blog... bro Crowdstrike Cyber Challenge+ NCL Class is.... just wow. What's crack'n? | Home Automation pt.V | Home Automation pt.IV Just sleep on it Sec+ & Net+ Renewal complete! & NCL update. NCL update. Microsoft-Linux's secret agent person All(most) done w/ home automation! Chicago CyberSecurity Summit 2021 Home automation via crontab and scripts (pt.iii) More on 'Bolt'... my new work server Finished up 'Bolt' my new work server Shadowmoon has Ryzen Server air movement meets 3d Printing Home automation via crontab and scripts (pt.ii) "Rsyslog meets unused ssd "It wasn't us, it was the config I tell you! Home automation via crontab and scripts (pt.i) That one UPS I was talking about Interesting one liner found in Apache logs. I don't have time for _____ certification What more do you want PLEX?! "Hackers steal nearly $100m in Japan crypto heist" T-Mobi-told-you-so T-Mobile databreach of possibly 100M+ customers NEW YT Video | "Plex Media Server : Remote play stop with message." Review your logs daily! Because proxies, flooding, ++ Review your logs daily! Because proxies, flooding, ++ pg.3 Stop the hack before you see it evolve Update: LED workbench / 'laser table' I passed the Comptia Cloud+ Exam! I'm figuring out the Malicious text network. Coinbase Phishing? Targeted much?! A LED'd workbench LicenseMVR Invalid Mandatory by LAW!!!!!... OH NO! Serato | There's a VM for that News on the Street: BlackMatter Gang IS stepping in for Darkside and REvil "IBM Report: Cost of a Data Breach Hits Record High During Pandemic" "Police Are Telling ShotSpotter to Alter Evidence From Gunshot-Detecting AI" Sooo did Kaseya pay the ransom or what?! "Estonian hacker Pavel Tsurkan pleads guilty for operating a proxy botnet." Il. Secretary of State FAKE at it again Public Minecraft server available @ "Rewards for Justice – Reward Offer for Information on Foreign Malicious Cyber Activity Against U.S. Critical Infrastructure " It doesn't take a village to raise a child. It's nice to WFH though. Minecraft? There is a package for that | MSCS Raised tiles, because tripping isn't fun How the Kaseya VSA Zero Day Exploit Worked BREAKING NEWS: Burned CD for first time in 10 years Where a DJ and an IT professional meet. Serato via VM and an audio library via Samba (Network attached Storage) Just a study date with myself Il. Secretary of State or NOT | Don't fall for stupid twice!!! "Zloader With a New Infection Technique" IDOT or NOT | Don't fall for stupid!!! "Pro-Trump ‘Gettr’ Social Platform Hacked On Day One" It was the 4th of July and.. Keep opportunies within your circle Thank you Momma B.. Mom "New LinkedIn Data Leak Leaves 700 Million Users Exposed" Sybex Comptia Cloud+ Study Guide book completed. The Final Chapter : Comptia Cloud+. Define new limits for your baseline : Comptia Cloud+. Stuck on this Comptia Cloud+ book while keeping eyes on crypto. pg.2 CompTia Cloud+: On to Chapter 8ish. Cleaning up some homelab wiring CompTia Cloud+: On to Chapter 4. Slow down tiger. CompTia Cloud+: @pg 103, 33%(ish) done CompTia Cloud+: @pg 62 Home network topology like whoa CompTia Cloud+: Here I come. "Wegmans discloses a data breach, customers information was exposed on the Internet due to a misconfiguration issue." "Report: CVS Health Exposed Search Records Online" A little dev goes a long way "Google’s June security bulletin addresses 90+ bugs in Android and Pixel devices." "Microsoft June 2021 Patch Tuesday addresses 6 zero-days actively exploited " "Department of Justice Seizes $2.3 Million in Cryptocurrency Paid to the Ransomware Extortionists Darkside" Today : My 8yr old will learn to make a webpage, HTML Smarter criminals : The white-hat researcher within What is research? A gallery story Own YOUR SERVER Why don't you post more often A child's brain is amazing Pronterface and Pronsole.. because people are lazy Dear YouTube, you played yourself Installed Petio for the PLEX Server Chicago Virtual Cybersecurity Summit 2021 Image Galleries for all. BalBot v1.00 | Raspberry PI to hotspot internet tetherer The power of plants.. Not those kind Trace Labs OSINT QEMU/KVM Installation video created! SmartThings via CLI pg.1 Raspberry PI proxy setup script explained. Grep | IP address regex Old ssd to new-ish pc There is no right way. Do be happy though Pi-Hole Friday's #3dprinted Canon DSLR lens hood Why are you even here! What is the deal? LIVE lab video! PLEX fo LIFE!!! | PLEX Pass Finally balanced!!! That alone deserves a party. Not out of fear. Out of COMMON sense..or sense The G-Key. Messing around w/ 3d design When life gives you lemons meditate or code What do you do at night? Hack Myself Plex Upgraded & server dreams Freeradius | Because friends and family are attack surfaces They might want to see a Github IF it fits... then its a rack More AP and WiFi weekend stuffs Career and Passion Education. What part was the hardest? Free my privacy. Why not Tor doe? When all else has failed....5ghz? 6x Raspberry Pi 1U rackmount 3d printed build Raspberry Pi Zero W Rackmount 3d design and print : Flashforge Adventurer 3 Lite Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals Ben 10 Omniverse Omnitrix | Flash Forge Adventure 3 Lite: Kids Arts and Crafts project Winter Plex "Just put some tesa on it" The Art of 3d printing On focus mode Do it for teh kids Decals are in. Nice! Mapsies | A program to 'automatically' map IP addresses to a geographical map Maintenance | Time Attack-ish | #GRID.LIFE 2021 : Race prep & build | Retired/Sold A blog / notepad for updates and statuses on a home server I own called... Shadowmoon Uokoo Wifi IP Camera hack | I don't know anybody in Shenzen